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Lenovo P14s i5-1135G7 8+8GB 512SSD W10P

Best Laptops of 2021 for Work From Home

Fusing the portability of ThinkPad with the power of a workstation, P Series laptops feature ISV-certified applications, lightning-fast graphics & processing, and more cutting-edge technology to handle your compute-intensive needs - in a surprisingly thin, light package.  

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What factors need to be considered when buying a laptop for a business?

It’s no secret that purchasing additional equipment for your company can often help significantly increase productivity. This is especially true considering that COVID-19 has forced many companies to let employees work remotely. However, when choosing a laptop for business use, you need to keep some factors in mind to make the right decision.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have already assisted you. To put it simply, there are three elements: purpose of use, performance indicators and budget.

1. The purpose of use
Determines what configuration you will choose. If it is used for home office, it is still used in the company network environment; is it used to process documents, image editing, or writing programs; is it often carried out or used in the office, etc.

2. Performance indicators
The performance index is basically determined by the purpose of use.

Performance indicators include: CPU, memory RAM, hard disk type and capacity, operating system, screen size and resolution, weight and peripheral interfaces such as audio, video, mouse, USB, etc.

If it is only used in home office, the operating system can be a home version, if it is used in a company network environment, it must be an operating system capable of networking; if it is used to process text, you can choose a low-end CPU and a smaller memory, as usual When processing images, you must consider high-end CPU and large memory. Hard disk memory needs to be larger; if it is used for programming, you must choose high-end CPU and large memory, the best SSD hard disk; if you often carry it out, especially If you are a female user, you should consider being lighter.

3. Your budget.
The purpose of the budget is to achieve the optimal configuration under the premise of your purpose of use as much as possible to achieve the best cost performance.

The three complement each other and find the best balance between the three!

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