Pricing of Web Services

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                When you are determining the web project, you needs to consider many things, such as the design plan, domain name, web storage space, maintenance etc.  

                In order to solve problem of the headaches, we have specially launched "worry-free web design packages, you may go to  shop  and  select package which match your requirement.

                We focus on all the above matters, you can focus on your main businesses. The purpose lets you quickly build your websites and allow you enjoy the dividends of the digital age at an early date. 

                If the packages are not suitable for your requirement, please provide your detailed requirements   here  , and we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote and discussion. Below customize web design prices for reference:  

                Odoo • Text and Image
                 Corporate Brand Website 
                Depended on your page number
                You may select a standard package from our shop
                or click here to provide more information, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

                 Landing Page 
                1-3 Pages
                Price: S$249-S$649

                 Enterprise Portal
                Depend on functions and number of users
                2 Hours training included 
                Price: S$2,000-S$4,999

                 E-Commerce website
                1-6 Pages
                2 Hours training included 
                Price: S$2,749 or below

                Additional  Page Creation Rate:
                7-20 Pages, S$75/Per Page
                21-50 Pages, S$65/Per Page
                51 Pages and above,S$55/Page
                Recommended customer create remaining products pages to lower cost, e provide training.

                Additional Training Rate ( Per Lot ):
                2 Hours, S$300/Per Lot
                4 Hours, S$500/Per Lot
                8 Hours, S$800/Per Lot
                No limited participants, recommended 1-3 people best.
                 Ad-hoc Website Maintenance
                For odd jobs that need doing with no contract established, we will prepare an ad-hoc maintenance quote for you. 
                We will never charge you for any time we don’t use, and will keep you informed about everything we do on your site.

                 Security patching
                 Software patching and updates
                 Storage optimization
                 Website backups

                Per Hour Rate:
                1 Hr  ~ Up to 4 hrs S$150.00/hr
                4 Hrs ~ Up to 8 hrs S$120.00/hr
                8 Hrs ~ Up to 12 hrs   S$95.00/hr
                12 hrs above       S$75.00/hr
                Min 2 Hours

                 Other Products or Services

                Please go to our shop, or click below button submit your requirement if need customize your project.